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We Deliver Appointments to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Appointment Setting is the second crucial process after getting the response in a B2B approach. Usually, B2B emails are responded back after a while.The B2B Appointment setting must be well-prepared and planned, for such appointments don’t show up frequently. That’s where CFT Consulting gets in.

We Generate Appointments, You Generate Revenues

We help our customers save money, time and effort!
Let CFT provide you with a team of top B2B appointment setting experts that will call on behalf of your company.
We ensure that our appointment setting experts do enough research on the target accounts, prospect and industry before setting appointments with the decision makers.

Our Approach To B2B Appointment Setting

We don’t make cold calls. Our call SMART methodology ensures that we have enough research on a prospect before we start working

We take an in-depth, precise, well-rounded approach to bypass gatekeepers and connect you with relevant audience you need to meet to build your sales pipeline

We leverage our extensive database of almost a million records of decision-makers to identify the right target audience for you

Our Multi-Channel Approach

Beyond Codes multi-channel approach enhances the ability to secure appointments in a highly scientific, quality-oriented, and research-based manner. Our proprietary ‘Call-SMART’ model combined with personalized LinkedIn and Email outreach helps you connect your target audience in a way that’s more convenient for them.

Email Outreach

61% of customers prefer to be contacted via email

Smart Calling

75% of prospects have scheduled a meeting based on calls

LinkedIn Outreach

63 million influencers & decision-makers use LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Appointment setting is the process of identifying potential leads, prospects, or clients and scheduling appointments or meetings with them for various purposes, such as sales, consultations, presentations, or discussions.

Appointment setting is crucial for businesses because it allows them to connect with potential customers, build relationships, and advance prospects through the sales or engagement funnel, ultimately leading to revenue generation and business growth.

Common strategies include outbound prospecting, cold calling, email outreach, networking, content marketing, utilizing appointment scheduling tools, and leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Success can be measured by tracking metrics such as the number of appointments scheduled, appointment conversion rates, the value of deals closed from appointments, and the overall impact on sales and revenue.

Best practices include defining a target audience, creating personalized outreach messages, providing value during appointments, following up promptly, using appointment scheduling software, and continuously optimizing your approach based on results and feedback.

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