B2B Lead Generation

Generate leads that deliver tangible outcomes

Elevate your revenue operations with meticulously researched and phone-verified leads.

As the sole Lead Generation company, we employ an established Multi-Touch Engagement Process.

Delivering Sales Opportunities that are both Qualified and Eagerly Interested.

You excel at sealing the deal, but the missing piece is a fresh and dependable lead generation channel to reach your goals.

Our clients often shared these pain points before partnering with us:

If you’re grappling with any of these challenges or others, CFTB2B is here to make a difference. We’re eager to assist.

What sets us apart is our exclusive use of the Multi-Touch Engagement Approach™, making us the sole specialists in sales growth to offer this innovative strategy. This approach yields highly qualified and genuinely interested prospects who are ready to help your business flourish.

With our unique methods and team of experts, you’ll receive top-notch leads that genuinely require your services. The impressive results we achieve through our process enable you to shorten your sales cycle and secure more deals.

Our Proficiency in Lead Generation​

Effective lead generation demands a holistic approach, and we draw upon our extensive 16+ years of experience to craft all-encompassing lead generation initiatives. These initiatives are meticulously designed to pinpoint genuine sales prospects for your business.

ICP and Persona Precision

Eachlead generation campaign commences with an in-depth strategy discussion to guarantee the qualification of your leads as genuine opportunities.

Precision-Focused Lead Databases

Discover unparalleled accuracy and efficiency with precision-focused lead databases. Unlock targeted insights for your business growth and reach the right prospects with confidence.

Verified Sales Prospects

Following the compilation of a focused lead list, we engage directly with your potential clients to personally qualify them before transferring them to your sales team.

Quality Control

Our dedicated sales coaches oversee your front-line SDRs to guarantee that your leads consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Brand New Leads Assurance

CFT consulting can also give out authentic, new leads to you apart from the leads that are already present in your database.

Our proprietary course of action scrutinizes your data, assuring that we provide leads that are not already in your database while providing complete data protection.

BANT Qualified Leads

Everybody wants BANT leads, but without the proper lead generation campaign, these qualified leads might not get converted into clients. We prioritize these BANT leads and convert them into a revenue generation strategy by offering exceptional content to the prospects till they are satisfied to buy.

HQL Lead Generation

CFT Consulting’s HQL Lead Generation service is a niche-targeting program, designed to generate highly qualified, engaged leads that have a high conversion potential at the bottom of the sales funnel program.

Through constant communication with key decision-makers, we simplify each prospect’s objectives, priorities, and unique demands, thereby facilitating your marketing and sales efforts.

Fair Trade Lead Qualification

The key to gaining optimal insight into your prospect is through custom account intelligence. We provide our potential prospects with incentives to share this intelligence by offering a personalized gift in exchange for answering relevant questions. Even a small courteous helps you create a genuine network and get conversations started with your potential buyers.

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