Demand Generation

Demand Generation Strategy Focused On B2B Growth & ROI

CFT consulting is a comprehensive demand generation firm that helps B2B companies generate, enhance and transform leads results in an increase in sales and revenue. We develop and implement innovative demand generation campaigns and strategies based on your business goals which will create great qualified sales, and further enhance the sales pipeline.

Innovative Sales Funnel to Develop Robust Revenue Structure

B2B world post-pandemic is picking up pace and accelerating quickly, and the demand generation campaigns have a limited time to make the strong effect. We at CFT consulting assist you in deploying the right combo of digital and conventional marketing strategies in Demand Generation campaigns that will accelerate growth and increase ROI.

Our Approach

Campaign Outline

The first step is to discover more about you, your company's vision, and to build a strong relationship. This is where we understand your brand,your goal and your vision.

Target Audience

After the first meeting, we will establish goals, priorities, and a strategic plan that matches your vision to achieve your objectives.


We outline your initiatives and build on them. Next we identify the right recruiter for your needs, who has the experience and the background to help you scale.

Appointment Setting

Upon identifying the right recruiter, the team will start sourcing using smart search strings by using conventional and non-conventional methods.

How We Help You Succeed

We provide complete comprehensive Demand Generation solutions to assist you in every stage of the sales pipeline for B2B sales, reaching potential decision-makers and relevant stakeholders, and ensuring constant growth.

Geo-targeted strategies designed by SMB experts to maximize outreach.

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