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Experience effortless event registrations that drive success. CFT B2B offers streamlined registration, expert data management, effective marketing support, and actionable insights. With our track record, tailored solutions, cutting-edge tech, and dedicated support, your event is in capable hands. Partner with us today and elevate your event registrations.

Our Process

How We Work

Define Event Goals

We collaborate with you to define the objectives of your participation in the event. Whether it's lead generation, brand recognition, networking with industry leaders, or another goal, we ensure clarity.

Pre-Event Promotion

Utilizing various marketing channels including social media, email marketing, blog posts, collaborations, and targeted email campaigns, we create buzz and drive visitors to your booth. We may also arrange meetings with potential customers showing interest.

Lead Nurturing and Follow-Up

After the event, we promptly reach out to collected leads. Through tailored emails or phone calls, we express appreciation for their interest and initiate conversations. We offer product demos, schedule meetings, or provide additional information to move leads through the sales funnel.

Evaluation of Event Success

We assess the event's success based on predefined objectives. We analyze lead quantity and quality, potential new business opportunities, return on investment, and overall attendee engagement. This data guides adjustments to future event strategies for enhanced outcomes.

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