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I’m not noticing any significant

ROI by leveraging my Content assets.”

“We’re making available a range of videos and other video assets, but aren’t seeing sufficient engagement.”

“I do not have any idea where to go

with the best prospects at the best time.”

“I’ve maintained relationships

and my blog’s readers over the years, but

my traffic has decreased.

“What is next in the building process?”

“We don’t know how to Repurpose the existing Content assets to email.”

Create optimized content and not reach the appropriate target audience?

Content syndication in lead generation is a key factor.

More MQLs Out Of Your B2B Content Syndication

CFT B2B has rapidly become the market leader for the syndication of content via emails and cold calls due to our capability to deliver value and actual benefits from each and every article.

A Personalized Approach To Help Your Content Soar

We give you a wide range of choices in the way you’d like your content to be distributed through outbound marketing techniques such as cold calls and email.

Real-Time Reporting For Your Content Assets

Utilizing Company’s Name*’s mix of live-time reports as well as dynamic content selection your business will be able to reach the people it wants to reach at every stage of their journey to buy or sign up.

Grow Your Reach And Scale Your ROI

We identify the clients who would most like you the most with our services for content syndication and transfer it to you to aid in the growth of your company.

CFT B2B Content Syndication Process For Lead Generation


It’s not obvious however, you’ll need an online service for content syndication to increase the reach of your content and boost your efforts to generate demand immediately. With Company’s Name* It is an online platform that lets you distribute your content via powerful emails and also directly to contacts via phone calls.


A key element to a successful campaign on the internet or offline is to nurture your leads with relevant content. Our method of delivering the content you want to share effectively starts by gaining a thorough and accurate comprehension of your target audience, in order to improve your marketing channels in line with.

Our team of strategists works closely with you to identify the most appropriate topics and formats for the outbound channel. Additionally, we help you determine the most efficient for each specific topic.

CFT B2B assures you that each piece of content is delivered directly to your intended audience and has the highest conversion rate. For this purpose we conduct targeted market analysis. Additionally, we help you build your list of contacts by carrying out more research of leads, as well as current customers prior to distributing your material.


We are a top service for content syndication and service, we make sure we’re covering every one of your customers’ most important points of contact by implementing the multi-channel strategy for your distribution of content. Our research ensures your funds are allocated to campaigns that have high returns so you can get the results you desire.

CFT B2B offers reports and insight about leads who tend to respond to cold calls and emails. Additionally, we filter those with high engagement to help them move up your sales funnel, assisting us optimize your marketing campaigns’ reach and return on investment.

There’s a myriad of B2B providers of content syndication on the market. But how do you determine which one to sign-up with?

We’re here to help you answer your basic questions to help you begin your path.

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Content syndication offers a wonderful method to allow B2B firms to increase the value of their content assets and gain a wider audience at the same time. This involves the distribution of your already existing content such as whitepapers, ebooks and research reports to customers you want to reach. This kills two birds. It allows you to increase the reach of your content to prospects and also gain better results from your targeted audience across other platforms while also boosting the overall growth of your company.

Companies that offer content syndication are those that you can contract out the distribution of your content to. Whitepapers, infographics or webinar marketing They will take care of all the details to get your content in the hands of the appropriate people. Within the realm of B2B marketing, businesses can use this kind of service to target new clients or target markets that they aren’t able to reach.


If you choose the best company for content syndication You can be sure that the cash you put in your content creation and production will yield profits through lead generation and possible sales conversions. Online platforms that are reputable will help you establish your reputation and boost your reach, while improving the flow of prospective customers who are qualified to enter the sales channel. Utilizing the services of content syndication in this regard has evolved into a worldwide standard called dissemination of press releases.

Content syndication usually comes at various prices based on how customized you would like the distribution to be. Some providers offer a standard service, while others can customize their packages to suit the unique requirements of the client. There are numerous channels accessible for you to choose including social media, advertising via email or paid. However, what you should take into consideration is the price for reaching a particular number of prospective customers in addition to the amount of time you spend managing the content rather than producing the content.

The measurement of the effectiveness of your campaigns for content syndication generally boils down to three key metrics: volume of leads, the quality of your leads and the conversion rate.

The term “lead volume” refers to the amount of leads who come to your website because they click on a hyperlink via any of your syndicated content platforms.

Lead quality is the measure of the likelihood of leads to convert. That is, they will keep up with what you’re advertising and then become customers for any product or service you’re trying to market.

Conversion rates are the measurement of the number of leads that produce revenue for your company. It can be difficult to monitor specific articles, or pieces of content that are syndicated but keeping track of your change in the conversion rate or dips in the aftermath of a campaign could help you get a sense about where you are.

The origins of CFT B2B company stems from a desire to assist businesses communicate with their customers in the most efficient ways feasible. We’re determined to deliver your content using the lens of a human first approach. That is the reason our content curator team analyzes the message of your brand and refines the channels they think the ideal customers will be using.

We recognize that one size does not fit everyone, and you should make sure that regardless of the channel through which your prospective client is reading your content, it’s created with them in mind. The multi-channel interfaces we offer help efficiently distribute your content along with our vast audience. We’re able to provide the content you’ve created to millions of users who might be interested in the message you wish to convey.

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